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Frequently Asked Questions


This store is based in Mexico!

About shipping

I ship worldwide and all orders come with a tracking number, you can track your order with the aftership app or the aftership website.

Once items have been sent out I have no power over them, please contact your local post office to ask for your package. If an item is damaged during postage I unfortunately cannot refund, however, I try to pack them as safely as possible to avoid this.

Everything is managed by a single person, your patience is appreciated!

How long will it take my order to be shipped?

I’m hoping about a week at most. Big updates or delays on shipments might be posted on my artblog.

How long does it take to arrive?

International orders take about 4 weeks max to reach.

National orders within Mexico take about 4 days ~ 1 week or 1 week ~ 2 weeks to reach depending on the type of shipping you pick.


About Goods

I personally cut most of my prints by hand as carefully as possible, if there are slight milimeters imperfections it’s due to that.

What does Laminated mean?

Every good tagged like this has an extra layer either soft or glossy, this makes the prints look nicer and more resistant!


Contact form

If you still got any questions feel free to contact me